canyoudigitmotherlicker asked:

hey! if you need help for ideas for gruvia AUs, I can give you a series from prompt lists 8DD or just from my imagination really 'cause AU possibilities are ENDLESS

Yeah please tell me your ideas ;D I’ve also heard that they will be a Gruvia fluff fest or something like that ?? (maybe i’ll participate if there’s one *-*)

altirin asked:

Woooooooooooo!!! I love your arts! :D I'm waiting for gruvia or stinerva(if you ship it ;D)I wish you good luck in the draw ♥

Thanks ! Yes I’m planning to do Gruvia some day (but i still have to find an idea for an AU or I don’t know haha) If you have some suggestions, please go ahead and tell me ;) 

Yeah I ship Stinerva which is part of my OT5, along with Sting x Yukino, Rogue x Yukino and Rogue x Kagura hehe

Anonymous asked:

Could you make a tutorial about colouring skin? The way you paint it remind me a lot abou blanania's a rboz's way. How do u do it??

OH.MY.GOD Me, making a skin tutorial ? I don’t even know how I color it myself XD But you’re right when you say that my coloring was inspired by blanania and rboz's way ^^ THEY ARE BOTH MY SENPAI *v*

I really look up to them and before I got a tablet, I was always stalking their art (oh wait, I’m still doing it haha). Like, I could stare at one of their drawings for several minutes ?? Yeah maybe it’s weird but it helped me to find a “base” for when I was finally able to draw digitally. 

Also, I’ve never really used a tutorial and I’ve learnt all by myself just by hum… “analysing” the style of my favourite artists and mangakas :D So most of my coloring are done by feeling ;v;

I’m really sorry for not being able to do a proper tutorial for you but you can still go and check blanania’s tutorial an resource blog ^^ : blacksunpri